olm italy

olm italy


Our project saw the light of day back in 1963 with the intention of setting up a business in the precision engineering field. The backbone of our idea was to take a path outside the automotive industry, a major sector in our area.

This was the reason why OLM aimed at the aeronautical sector right from the start and was certified to produce aircrafts and aeronautic components.

Once we achieved this first goal, in 1989 we expanded our market and specialized in the manufacture of aluminium and iron connecting rods. Thereby we became a reliable supplier of compressors and air treatment / handling units.

Thanks to our firm’s exponential growth, we had the opportunity to make significant investment, which allowed a major restructuring and an innovation process, in order to keep up with the technological development. This achievement provided fertile ground for new partnerships with manufacturers of railroad cars and vehicles.

In the early 2000s, we successfully embarked on a new venture: the production and assembly of industrial compressor groups, including testing and operational checks at high pressure. Since these works required much more space, the company relocated to new premises which could be suitable for our purposes. We moved to Volpiano in 2003, then to Settimo Torinese in 2012. There it was possible to install two overhead traveling cranes able to move up to 5 tons, thanks to which we could produce large components, such as nickel and steel aeronautical structures.

In 2018 OLM’s premises moved back to Volpiano, thus we searched for a new wider facility which could fulfil our need for new machinery and equipment as well as our customers’ increasing demands. This change was a key step for us to play an important role in new projects, involving the production and high-pressure testing of assembled groups for the manufacture of compressors. At that point, we were able to interact effectively on an international scale with foreign firms in Europe and beyond, with which the company still has strong relationships.

In 2020 we accomplished the modernization of the testing department after purchasing state-of-the-art inspection machines (such as 3D, roughness tester, roundness tester, profilometer and so on).

In 2023 OLM achieves ISO 9001 certification.


The success and the high professionalism OLM has achieved is witnessed by the calibre of the customers that chose and keep on choosing OLM.