Reliability, competence, efficiency.

OLM ensures professional expertise.

Customers are offered expert advice and assistance in the design process, with regard to technical aspects as well as regulatory issues.

The first step is a preliminary analysis of the product concept and its technical requirements. This is followed by an overall assessment of the production stages, in order to optimize the manufacturing process and to ensure the end product’s efficiency. OLM is able to do so while staying competitive in the market.

OLM manufactures test benches, as well: it looks after the installation and all the mechanical and electronic aspects.


It is thanks to its machinery and to its highly specialized team that OLM has been able to operate in the aeronautic sector. It produces specific aluminium and nickel steel (Invar) components up to 2000 mm long. High standards are maintained at every stage and we ensure a strict quality control.

In addition, it uses simultaneous 3/4/5-axis gantry machines under advanced numerical controls..


Thanks to its state-of-the-art machines, OLM is able to carry out large and medium series production and to work various materials, such as aluminium and iron. OLM can perform levelling, drilling and milling of raw materials, as well as cutting and milling to couple shank and cap.

Using special boring mills, it performs finishing operations of small and big ends with tool compensation in a thermally controlled environment.


OLM boasts the manufacture of compressor components and air preparation units. It carries out manufacturing, balancing, assembling and functional testing operations at low and high pressure, while checking micrometric tolerances for the coupling of critical components.

The efficiency and accuracy of the production and testing process are 100% guaranteed, thanks to our test benches.


Accuracy is achieved and maintained throughout the production process, thanks to a steady improvement in the machinery and equipment, as well as the team’s professional skills.

On one hand, OLM has heavily invested in machines and testing procedures, with the aim of offering the highest quality standards in the market.

On the other hand, OLM has encouraged and promoted its staff’s professional growth and training. This is the reason why OLM boasts the most advanced numerical controls programming and a team of great versatility and range in the workshop.

Testing Area

OLM has paid attention to and improved the testing procedures since 2019. This is the reason why it has heavily invested in equipment and measuring instruments over the years.

The testing area is mainly designed to certify the manufacturing process, thanks to video recording and viewing of the outcome, by the ISO9001 regulations. A second testing area is to supervise the production in progress, checking and testing through certified instrumentation.


The success and the high professionalism OLM has achieved is witnessed by the calibre of the customers that chose and keep on choosing OLM.