OLM company starts its production in 1963 as a small company operating in precision mechanic machining, out of the automotive market which is strongly relevant in Turin area.The first important development is to achieve the certificate for machining and testing aeronautic and space components. This goal is obtained in 1973.
On 1989 connecting rods production is started: these pieces are components of small compressors produced in high series. Developing from aluminum to cast iron rods, our company starts a cooperation with many industrial compressor manufacturers also supplying other pieces and assembled groups.
In the beginning of the 90’s the growth in turnover and occupation is consolidated with the new market of railroad carriages and transport pieces.
With the new millennium a new property comes in and makes important economic investment and organizational changes which allow a constant increase of these last years.
In 2003 the company moves into a new premises in Volpiano where take place the most important development with the beginning of complete construction of compressors groups including testing and operational checks at high pressure.
In November 2012 an additional enlargement is planned and successfully done: the new factory plant is completely changed and renewed and improved. The new location in Settimo Torinese is twice as big as the old one: more space is indeed given to production and it aims for new business development. Even more with two overhead traveling cranes that are able to move up to 5 tons, now we are able to machine big dimensional pieces such as aeronautical Invar parts.


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